Monday, November 2, 2009

2009 Municipal Election

Tomorrow's election day, and I though you'd all benefit by knowing a little about the candidates that will be on the ballot tomorrow.

You can find the on going election results here:

The positions up for election and/or retention this year include:
  • Justice of the Supreme Court
  • Superior Court Judge (chose 4)
  • Judge of the Commonwealth Court
  • Superior Court Judge (Retention)
  • Judge of the Commonwealth Court (retention)
  • Judge of the Court of Common Pleas
  • District Attorney
  • Sheriff
  • Prothonotary
  • Recorder of Deeds
  • County Controller
  • Jury Commissioner
  • And a whole slew of others.
I'll give you my recommendations for my county (Bucks County) to the best of my ability. I'm primarily using three voter's guides and minor research for my recommendations. I'll be using the FOAC's (Pennsylvania's offical 2nd Amendment PAC) endorsements; the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation PAC's endorsements; and the League of Women Voters (just understand that the LWV is not impartial) election guide.

Justice of the Supreme Court
Joan Orie Melvin - Joan Orie Melvin is recommended by both FOAC and the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation. The endorsement by these two organizations indictates that Joan Melvin would be a good candidate because she will defend the innocent and stand up for our rights. Joan Melvin also was quick to speak out about the Luzerne Co. judicial corruption scandal.

Superior Court Judge (Pick 4)
  • Temp Smith - Endorsed by both PA Pro-Life Fed & FOAC.
  • Judy Olson - Endorsed by both PA Pro-Life Fed & FOAC.
  • Sally Mundy - Endorsed by the PA Pro-Life Fed, but not by the FOAC.
  • Paula Ott - Endorsed by the FOAC, but not by the Pro-Life Federation.
  • Kevin McCarthy - Endorsed by the FOAC, but not by the Pro-Life Federation.
  • Marakay J. Rogers - She's the only Libertarian candidate on the ballot for Superior Court Judge. Since there'll be some compromise on at least two of the candidates, she might be a good wild card especially for Libertarian leaning voters. However, she was previously a Green Party candidate, so take that into account because she obviously isn't "hopelessly devoted" to the Libertarian Party. By this I mean, she doesn't believe in the LP principles so strongly that she wouldn't dream of changing her party membership to be elected. In her race for Attorney General her priorities were: "Stop prosecution of victimless crime, Put moratorium on death penalty, Protect citizens' rights from government abuse." Sounds all pretty good except for her position on the death penalty, but the fact that she changed party membership to get on the ballot for at least one election should be an indicator that she may value the possibility of being elected over her party values. Therefore, one could conclude or make the assumption that the party is more a vehicle to her political career than political party that describes her personal beliefs and priorities.
I haven't read anything good about these candidates. It may mean they'd be horrible choices, but it might just mean that they're neither pro-life nor pro-rights nor pro liberty.
Not Recommended: Robert J. Colville; Anne E. Lazarus; Teresa Sarmina

Judge of Commonwealth Court:
Kevin Brobson - Endorsed by the FOAC & The PA Pro-Life Federation
Patricia McCullough - Endorsed by the FOAC & The PA Pro-Life Federation

Judges for Retention
Kate Ford Elliot - Endorsed by The PA Pro-Life Federation for retention.
Dan Pellegrini - Endorsed by The PA Pro-Life Federation for retention.

District Attorney
David W. Heckler - Endorsed by the FOAC.

Not enough information present to make a recommendation.

The rest of the positions are iffy (School Board, county controller, recorder of deeds, prothonotary, jury commissioner, and the rest) as I don't have any real information about them.

You can do your typical very sophisticated "eeny-meeny-miney-moe" and "my mother hit your mother in the nose--What color was the blood?" methods of deduction for the best candidate or check your local (think very local i.e. Souderton Independent, News Herald-Oct28&Nov3rd edition) newspaper for information on these smaller local elections.

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