Thursday, September 17, 2009

Obama Hates Your Bill of Rights

Alright, so I got your attention. I guess it would've been more accurate to title the post "Obama (and Bush before him) Hates Your Bill of Rights"

What am I talking about, you say? The supposed Health Care Reform? Nope. The out of control growth of government? Nope. The rapid inflation rate and the rising price of gold? Nope.

The Washington Post published an article today talking about Obama wanting to renew three provisions in the Patriot Act that are about to expire. The three provisions that Obama wants renewed include: permission for 'roving wiretaps'; seizure of certain business records; and the monitoring of 'lone wolf' terrorists. All of these would require no warrant.

This is a dangerous license we'll be handing the government. Believe me. I hate evil doers as much as the next guy, perhaps even moreso, but for that one case in 1,000 where the 'evil doer' is innocent we NEED provisions that protect the accused.

Skirting the constitution in the name of security is a dangerous and slippery slope. Let's not grease our feet and start down it.

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