Sunday, November 8, 2009

House Passed Healthcare Bill: Project HELP WANTED.

The House of Representatives have passed the "Affordable Health Care for America Act" (H.R. 3962). For the most part it was a completely partisan bill. The majority of Democrats supported it (only 39 out of 258 Dems voted against it) and only one Republican voted for it. (See how they voted.)

I, like many other concerned Americans, agree that we need health care reform; however, we agree that this bill is not the way to do it. This bill failed to address some of the easiest solutions to reduce the cost of health care. Additionally, I called my congressman multiple times and received the same answer each time. Basically, it went like this: The congressman understands your concerns but he will support the bill regardless.

The last few times I called my congressman I've laid out an ultimatum stating that if he supports this bill I will work tirelessly to destroy his aspirations of a political career. On a matter of principle alone I will support any and all candidates that run for his seat.

That got me to thinking. Even though it has already passed the House we can still stop this bill.
Call your Senators! Lay down an ultimatum. If you support this bill, I will never rest until I ruin your political career.

Additionally, we need to thank the Representatives that have voted against this bill and encourage Senators that have publicly stated that they will oppose this bill.

I encourage everyone that has a Representative that voted for this bill to start sending your Representative a copy of the local Help Wanted pages with a short note stating "I found some jobs that you'd be better suited for... You'll probably want to get started sending out resumes before the election in (insert year for his/her seat)." You should also start circling jobs which are considerably lower than what he/she is qualified for.

For instance, my Representative, Patrick Murphy, worked as a security guard in high school and has a law degree. Ideal jobs to circle would be administrative jobs working at law firms (i.e. paralegal, legal secretary) and security guard jobs (i.e. parking lot attendant, security guard for local hospital).

This will do two things. It will send home the message that we mean business and have every intention of ruining his/her political career and most importantly it will send a strong psychological blow.

Lastly, this will help blow off some steam and keep the USPS from going completely bankrupt.

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