Sunday, July 15, 2012

NYC Cop Steals PD Guns For Illegal Arms Ring

Here's a story you probably won't hear too much about on the mainstream news outlets. The NYPD officer allegedly stole 10 guns from the precinct over a 2 month period.
 An NYPD officer has been arrested in connection with a months-long firearms trafficking investigation after he allegedly stole guns from his precinct to be sold on the street and arranged drug buys while on duty, authorities said.
Nicholas Mina was arrested late Thursday and charged with conspiracy, grand larceny and sale of a firearm, among other crimes.  Information on an attorney wasn't immediately available. He and four co-conspirators who were also arrested were scheduled to be arraigned Friday.
Authorities say the group allegedly trafficked at least 10 guns over a two-month period. The alleged ringleader of the group, Ivan Chavez, is accused of procuring firearms from various sources and removing serial numbers before selling them, prosecutors said. READ MORE>>>>

The mainstream media and the anti-freedom folks would have you believe that if only cops had guns we'd all be safe and criminals would have no way to get firearms.  This story (I'm sure there are many more like it ... ahem... Fast & Furious) illustrate why gun control doesn't work.  Criminals will find a way to get the guns they want, and law-abiding citizens will obey the law and be at a disadvantage at their attacker's mercy.

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