Thursday, July 26, 2012

Aurora Shooting, a false flag operation?

Understand me, I am not saying that I believe that the Colorado shooting is a false flag operation, but I do agree that the story we're being told doesn't match up with the eye-witness accounts.

Take Fox19's Reality Check on the event.

Next, look at what Alex Jones says about the event.

If you watched the video you heard Alex mention "dragon's breath" (hotlinked for you skeptics).

Let's put the pieces together... broke Neuroscience student spends thousands of dollars on firearms, ammunition, body armor, and chemicals and constructs complicated explosive devices (which took the FBI two days to disable) in his apartment and then warns police about the explosives and lawyers up after peacefully surrendering.

It doesn't take a Neuroscientist to understand that the pieces don't all fit together.

If you really have the time, you can watch this documentary on the drug Scopolamine.

Free your mind and think critically; don't get all your information from TV.

I'm sure this post put me on a watchlist (especially if there's a shred of truth to it). Wave Hi!

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