Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Big Sister Intimidation: TSA to investigate OPT-OUT man

The TSA has announced that they will investigate the man that Opted-out of a full-body scan and explained "If you touch my junk, I'll have you arrested."
Did Aguilar [,chief of the San Diego TSA office,] feel the TSA was set up?
"I don’t know that it was an actual set up," said Aguilar, "but we are concerned that this passenger did have his recording prior to entering the checkpoint so there is some concern that it was an intentional behavior on his part."  READ MORE
First of all, this is a dangerous trend that is becoming more and more common.  The trend is that the government, and agencies working directly for the government, feel that a citizen is not ALLOWED to make recordings of events that transpire involving them.

Recordings are one of the few ways we can obtain an unbiased view of events that transpire involving the government, and it's a primary means to hold the government accountable.

Next, we should see this event for what it is: a show of force by the government, in many ways it's like the government picking out the one tough guy in the prison yard and beating the snot out of him to send a message, but also it sends a big message to all of the other travelers, don't you dare OPT-OUT or we'll make an example of you too.

Video with audio of the encounter added:

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Anonymous said...

In our brave new world, citizens are allowed only UNINTENTIONAL behavior, such as hangover vomiting and Tourette's Syndrome. Intentional behavior is forbidden, and will be punished!