Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Beer Lobby" Donates Against Prop 19

The California Beer & Beverage Distributors (CBBD) has donated $10,000 to defeat Proposition 19.  They allege that if Proposition 19 passes it "would allow California beer distributors' drivers to operate hundreds of big rig trucks and trailers, sales vehicles and trucks on California highways everyday, exposing the motoring public to potential harm. It is also the CBBD's concern that with the doing away with drug testing of employees, our transportation businesses may be unable to find liability insurance to insure our companies."

However, I don't buy this excuse.  The CBBD doesn't regularly test it's drivers to see if they've drank alcohol within the last 30 days.  If anything, this should highlight the need for a means to test for marijuana intoxication and not just the presence of cannabis metabolites.
While the CBBD denies its contribution anything to do with competition, several breweries, including popular Chico-based Sierra Nevada, are furious they've been linked with Prop. 19 opposition, and have asked the CBBD to remove their name from their membership list. READ MORE>>>
Good on Sierra Nevada!  I say if you're going to buy some California Beer this weekend, skip the rest and pick up a case of Sierra Pale Ale.

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