Sunday, February 14, 2010

Another Example of Why USA > Europe

I just saw this article on Yahoo News (German protesters stop neo-Nazi march in Dresden).

At least 10,000 Germans formed a human chain in Dresden on Saturday and stopped neo-Nazis staging a funeral march to remember victims of the Allied air raid that flattened the city 65 years ago.

About 5,000 neo-Nazis, clad in black, had gathered at Dresden's Neustadt station -- where Nazis once packed trains with Jews bound for the Auschwitz concentration camp -- hoping to stage Germany's biggest far-right march since 1945. (notice the emphasis on "far-right")

In the past few years, the February 13 anniversary of the destruction of Dresden, in which 25,000 people were killed, has become a focus for neo-Nazis who describe the blanket bombardment as a "bombing Holocaust."

"Stopping the Nazi march was a great success for the Nazi Free Alliance Dresden," said Alliance spokeswoman Lena Roth.
Senior politicians from Dresden and the state of Saxony and a representative of the Central Council of Jews laid wreaths at a cemetery where the victims of the bombardment are remembered. READ MORE>>>
First, let me go on the record to say that I am by no means a supporter of Nazism or anti-semitism, but according to this article this was nothing more than a funeral march to remember the thousands that died in the incendiary bombing of Dresden.

While I'm sure Dresden had some military significance, one cannot dispute that certainly thousands of would have civilians died in the firebombing. Granted, I haven't seen any pictures which seem to indicate that this was anything other than a march to remember the victims that died in Dresden. (fancy that, no pictures to prove the left wrong)

Which brings us to one of the largest differences between Germany (or the rest of Europe) and the United States of America. Liberty.

Here in America most of us, I have to say that because there are some on the far-left (like in this story) that don't support free speech for groups that they don't like or for messages they don't agree with, will fight tooth and nail to support the Right To Free Speech even for groups which we disagree with or don't particularly like.

An interesting thing to note is that they supported the right for some groups to memorialize the dead, but apparently "neo-Nazi's" don't have that right.

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