Sunday, January 31, 2010

Obama Lied About No More DEA Raids on MMJ?

So you probably didn't hear about this but last week DEA Agents raided a lab which does testing of medical marijuana strains in order to provide intelligent dosing guidelines for medical patients.
The raid at Full Spectrum Laboratories, just north of downtown Denver, occurred Wednesday, said Betty Aldworth, the lab's outreach director. She said agents took dozens of medical-marijuana samples — either small pieces of plants or test tubes of "extraction fluid" — but left the lab's equipment and did not arrest anyone....

The lab, which opened in November, conducts tests on different marijuana strains to determine their potency and help dispensaries provide dosing guidelines for patients.
At least one source speculates that the DEA raid of Full Spectrum Laboratories had nothing to do with the distribution of medical marijuana but rather the flow of information regarding marijuana.

Last year, Attorney General Eric Holder promised to stop DEA raids on medical marijuana dispensaries and organizations which are in compliance with state laws regarding medical marijuana.

With more than 80% of Americans nationwide supporting medical marijuana and nearly half of all Americans supporting the decriminalization/legalization of marijuana it appears that the Obama administration is in the minority.

So is this most recent DEA raid just another promise broken? I think so.

Don't worry, some day we'll have a President that you can trust.

It's going to be a long 1,010 days until the next election.

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