Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Howard Dean: Health Care Bill "Bigger Bailout for Insurance Industry than AIG"

I'm not surprised to see Dean's warning against this bill.
Howard Dean: "We've gotten to this stage. . . in Washington. . . where passing any bill is a victory and that's a problem. . . Decisions are being made about the long term future of this country for short term political reasons and that's never a good sign. . .

There are some good thing s in this bill. The problem is we are now committed to a solution using the private insurance companies and You will be forced to buy insurance and if you don't, you will pay a fine and 27% of the money you put in will not go to your health care it'll go to CEOs who make 20 million dollars a year. . . this is a bigger bailout for the insurance industry than AIG...

I want health care reform, but the choices have been taken away from the American people. . . at this point I think this bill is not worth passing in it's current form.
Another interesting quote was from Senator Harkin, "I plead with my progressive friends... if this bill were so bad why are 40 republicans on the hill going after it day after day after day and trying to kill it."

I'm struggling to remember which logical fallacy he just used to make his case. Regardless, I'm sure you see the folly in his statement since it basically means... If some Republicans oppose a bill therefore it's a good bill. According to his own logic, if Democrats (not even a majority is necessary) support a piece of legislation therefore the legislation is 'good'.

Wow, what's this country coming to when people like Howard Dean are warning the American public about the dangerous track our nation is going down?

Watch Howard Dean's comments on this bill on YouTube

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