Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dems Get Their 60 Votes

Democrats in the senate got the 60 votes they were hoping for keep their "Health Care Reform" bill viable.  They've used a few of their old tricks to rope in one wary senator.

However, Sen. Ensign doesn't believe this is the kind of 'reform' that we need.
..."It's a massive increase in government, as shown by this bill," Mr. Ensign told a reporter off the floor later, spreading his arms wide as if to encompass the stack of papers that comes in at more than a foot tall and, according to Sen. Lisa Murkowski, weighs in at more than 20 pounds.

The bill contains the word "tax" 511 times and includes 18 tax hikes, according to Americans for Tax Reform, a conservative lobby group. It uses the word "require" more than 1,000 times, the word "shall" more than 3,500 times, and talks about studies required by the bill 150 times. READ MORE>>>

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