Saturday, April 4, 2009

Guatemala to Further Limit Freedoms

This from Guatemala Passes Gun Control Law
... the Guatemalan Congress approved the Weapon and Ammunition Control Law, considered essential to reduce violence.

The regulation reduces to one the four licenses previously granted to each citizen to buy armaments, and they are able now to buy three weapons instead of 12...

It also stipulated several requirements before granting the permit, including a clean criminal record and passing psychological assessment, income certification and proof of employment.

The legislation also set between five and 15 years of imprisonment for crimes like possession, export, import, or illegal sale of weapons and ammunitions...

Guatemalan President Alvaro Colom welcomed the approval of the law and called it an important instrument to fulfill the National Security Program, which will be signed by the three state powers on April 15.
Wow. Just wow, and those of you living in occupied America thought it was bad with your restrictions on .50BMG rifles and magazine limitations and Assault Weapons bans...

I will add that the stricter punishment on arms trafficking is good, even essential, but the 'income certification' and 'proof of employment' and even the 'psychological assessment' necessary to purchase and own one of their 3 firearms is a little too far.

Why after all, would there need to be an 'income certification' and 'proof of employment'? It appears at the surface that this rules out certain classes of people, i.e. the poor and unemployed.

I can only gather that part of this crack down on gun rights is a knee jerk reaction to the arms trafficking that constantly flows from Guatemala north into Mexico to provide arms for the cartel murderers.

Let's hope the people rally together and oppose this attack on their freedom to defend themselves.

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