Thursday, April 16, 2009

China Creates Carrier Killer

I just heard this from my brother, and after checking it out it does have credibility.
The U.S. Naval Institute is reporting today that the Chinese have a ballistic missile that is so fast and so sophisticated it can hunt down a U.S. Supercarrier and take it out with one strike!

The missile travels at Mach 10 speed. It is supported by unmanned drones and satellites to track a U.S. Navy carrier, and it can elude radar through a series of maneuvers. . . . READMORE>>

When I heard this news, I was immediately alarmed.

After all, why develop a weapon you don't intend to use?

...and more importantly which other nations have aircraft carriers in their arsenal?


Melissa said...

Who else has them indeed!

Allen said...

Thanks for stopping by Melissa, it's good to see you outside of the NET.