Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Sad Day for America

It appears that the President has gotten his way and the Senate has passed the much controversial "Economic Recovery Plan".

Radio talkshow host Rush Limbaugh (I don't normally listen to him, but I'm listening today) commented that this bill is more about government control than "Economic Stimulus". You see this bill caters to the lower class very heavily and also to the unionized very heavily.

Republicans were gaining support (remember election 2000 and 2004) and the Democrats were loosing support, so this bill will help cement the Democratic base and assure millions of votes in upcoming years.

The truth is this bill is really a big cluster****. Did you know that in the bill there are provisions for

You might say... "Well, what's so bad about that?" I'll tell you "what's so bad about that."

I'm sure you've all had to deal with government bureaucracies to some extent whether it's standing in line at the DMV, dealing with government compliance to regulations, paying your taxes, or whatever.

I'm betting that if you filled out a customer satisfaction survey you'd probably say that you were less than satisfied.

That is what this UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE will do for America.

The government in an attempt to give everyone equal care will give everyone equal mediocre care. However, you might say "that's still not soooo bad", but let me remind you that the Senate; Congress; and all in government have their own health care and won't be held to the same standards.


Rush Limbaugh says this,
"Betsy McCaughey has written a column at Bloomberg detailing some of the most onerous provisions in this stimulus bill on health care, and there's a new bureaucracy created, the national coordinator of health information technology -- now, listen to this -- the national coordinator of health information technology will monitor treatments that your doctor gives you to make sure your doctor is doing what the federal government deems appropriate and cost effective."

So the government now has final say over what kind of treatment is appropriate. I'm sorry... you have bone cancer and the doctors think that you probably won't survive... we can't treat you. Amazing! Actually that's not the word I was looking for. Disgusting!

However even this provision isn't as bad as the massive spending that this bill entails. We are in an economic recession, that is a fact. China is no longer buying up American debt, that is a fact. The Federal Reserve doubled the amount of dollars in circulation within the last year alone, that is a fact. This bill creates some jobs but at a cost exceeding $900,000 per job, that is a fact.

And our elected officials are naive enough to think that spending more money will solve our problem of not having enough money? Obama's naive enough to think that "
the federal government is the only entity left with the resources to jolt our economy back into life."

This is a sad day for America indeed.

Lord, Forgive us, stay Your hand.

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