Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Caroline Kennedy Who?

Apparently, Caroline Kennedy is vying for one of NY's senate seats.

My first reaction?

The conversation went a little like this.
Friend: Oh, did you hear Caroline Kennedy is looking for one of NY's senate seats?
Me: Oh really? That'll be interesting.
Friend: Yeah, she doesn't have any prior experience.
Me: Well what are her qualifications?
Friend: I'm sure she's got some sort of wonderful degree, but I don't think she has any experience with government service. She's got name recognition though.
Me: Really? Who is she?
Friend: What? You mean you don't know who she is?
Me: No, should I?
Friend: She's one of JFK's children?
Me: Oh, well I guess name recognition's out the window, then. Maybe it's just people of my generation, but I never think to myself, "Hey that person's got the last name Kennedy therefore they must be related to JFK..."
I can't think I'm the only one of my generation who doesn't know who this Caroline girl is.

Did you know who Caroline Kennedy was when you read the first line of my post?

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