Sunday, July 20, 2008

Obama shows true colors of government waste

A story from the Boston Globe recently arose about the size of Obama's paid campaign staff.
Reports filed with the Federal Election Commission show that in May the campaign had a payroll of about 900, not counting nearly 500 part-time workers who were paid stipends. As of May 31, the Obama campaign staff was well over twice the size of the Bush reelection campaign staff in 2004 and nearly three times the size of McCain's current staff, and has expanded significantly since.

Through the end of May, the Obama campaign had spent $35.7 million on salaries and benefits, triple the $11.9 million spent by the McCain campaign, according to tabulations by the Center for Responsive Politics, a nonpartisan research group.
(Obama's Paid Staff Largest in Nation's History for Campaign)

I think this little gem, from the Boston Globe of all places, shows Obama's true colors for fiscal irresponsibility and large bureaucratic government waste. When we're told that he spends $35.7 million dollars for the salaries and benefits for his campaign staff alone (that doesn't include money for advertising and promotion) we have to wonder if this man can be trusted with the pen that vetoes or approves government expenditures and to responsibly set the fiscal tone for the nation and 300 million American lives for the next 4 years.

The left is always eager to cry wolf and say that a candidate's trying to buy the Presidency when people on the right are accused of dumping millions of campaign monies into an election, where's the balance and the outcry that Obama's trying to buy the presidency?

Nowhere! Because as usual the standard that they measure by is not the standard they expect to be measured by.

Obama wants change all right... every bit of change you have.

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