Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Operation Chaos: Key to Hilary win in PA

A friend of mine brought this to light.

What I DID find on the PA Department of State was a link to download a spreadsheet including many different tables, including a spreadsheet with voters who switched to Dem or Rep, by county and by week!

With a little Excels-manship, the answer is:

Candidate Votes Percent
CLINTON, HILLARY (DEM) 1,238,232 54.6%
OBAMA, BARACK (DEM) 1,030,703 45.4%

207,529 difference.

According to the PA Department of State, 164026 Republican voters re-registered as Democratic, and
14887 Democratic voters re-registered as Republican!
PA Voter Registration Statistics website.

Operation Chaos is going splendidly. Remember folks, for this next primary, you're going in in deep cover. Play the part, pretend like you're the typical Democratic voter, this next one is HUSH-HUSH.

I did my part, now you do yours.

With any luck the in-fighting in the party will destroy the Democratic party for the next five decades!

Keep fighting the good fight!

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